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Vanessa Maryanne Cheatham was born on July 31, 1996 in Englewood Hospital of Bergen County, New Jersey. Cheatham is mostly known for her hit web show "Veve C. Show" and her new web series "Vanazana". Very family-oriented and humbled, Cheatham grew up in a loved family and always showed loved to everyone she came across. Also going by her stage name "Veve C.", she became known on Instagram for modeling, acting, and performing. Cheatham also produced and created her own music since she was 5 years old with her father, Shawn Cheatham, aka DJ Shawn of Polygram Record's "Rock N' Gee & DJ Shawn".


In 2005, Cheatham auditioned for the Lion King on Broadway in New York City and sung "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" as Simba for the part. Even though she didn't get the part, she made it as a top finalist for the performance she delivered. In 2008, Cheatham went to tryouts for the Miss Pre-Teen Albany Pageant but it wasn't a planned event. Originally thought it was a scam, her mother kept the form to try it out anyways just for fun. After tryouts, the scouter wanted Cheatham to be a part of the pageant based on her personality. Cheatham made it through two full rounds and beat thousands of girls for the top spot. For the final round Cheatham was asked, "If you had 24 hours to spend on this Earth what would you do with it and why?" Cheatham responded, "If I had 24 hours I would spend it with my mom, dad, and little brother because I love them so much and without them I don't know what I would be." In result, Cheatham won 2nd Runner Up (3rd place) for the title of the Miss Pre-Teen Albany pageant. Cheatham also did cheerleading for about seven years for competition and her elementary/middle school (Eagles, Elite All-Stars, and Diamond Elite All-Stars). In 2012, Cheatham won a Dutchess Community College Dutchie award for Best Featured Actress in a short play "Phyllis and Xenobia" (part of the Christopher Durang Production in Newburgh Free Academy). Cheatham graduated in the Top 10% of her class and maintained mostly A's and some B's in her four years of high school. Even though Cheatham went through some struggles, such as broken friendships and isolation, she found a way to stay strong in all of that and be an inspiration to others today. In addition to that, Cheatham won a Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for an essay she wrote in her senior year about being a visionary. Her speech was read throughout the entire Newburgh City School District and her high school; she was alongside with Senator Bill Larkin and others for the award she received.


In 2014 when Cheatham attended Long Island University at the Brooklyn Campus, she took an acting class and a voiceover class to start her bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Mass Communications. Cheatham's passion for the arts has shown when she auditioned for another black box production, "Still In A Cage Production". She played four characters in the production, one of which she was the main character in the play (Marie in Marie, Elizabeth in The Necktie, One of the women in 4 People, and Lizzie in Eggs, Butter, Sugar, and Flour). Cheatham continues to work towards her bachelor's degree in Media Arts while working on her current projects which includes Vanazana, Veve C. Graphics, and Veveology.

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